An Excerpt on Monsters

Got another excerpt for you guys. I quite like this little snippet, as it highlights a really important aspect of Venala – the ‘potential’ of the monsters that dwell within the virtual world. Continue reading

How to: Humour

Howdy, and welcome to the latest in a line of How to: posts on my blog. Today, I want to cover ‘Humour’ in writing. It’s a difficult topic to discuss, mainly (as ever) due to the subjectivity placed upon it. Some people love their books filled with humour, and others prefer a more serious, gritty tone.

Of course, you all know (or should by now, if you actually read this blog) that fantasy writing is often about balance. Striking equal between all of the different elements your story needs to become a living, breathing tale.

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A Short Excerpt From Road to Power

So, today, I want to share with you all a snippet from my upcoming debut. As I’m sure many of you are aware (if site traffic is any indication to go by), my first novel ‘Road to Power’ is inspired by virtual reality. I’m working on it day and night, and my eyes often bleed due to a mix of sleep deprivation and terrible writing. However! Do not fear; I’m working hard to catch all those terrible bits and remove them before I release the whole piece to the wider world! Continue reading